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The Team, The Music 

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Emily and Malik: project leaders and Unite the Beat co-founders.  Malik is behind the film and music whilst Emily corralled this team of creative beings into sharing their thoughts, melodies and footage.  Both are active musicians and loved curating this rural response to Corona Virus. 


Kiyan is a young man who lives for music and desperately wants to have his own jazz band.  He has loved being a part of this virtual band and project.

This is the first time Suzie has taken part in a project like this.  She has enjoyed watching and hearing other peoples takes on different aspects of the project.  It's made her look at sound in a different way!  She plays with piano, guitar and accordion. 


Aya/Sarah comes from a creative musical background, has been in a few choirs and plays the piano.  She's an Archaeology Masters student, but also studied music technology and drama in college.  She likes to combine nature and Pagan roots in her music. 

Finn has previously done a project with Unite the Beat and Hope Support Services and he enjoyed it so much he wanted to do another.  It's been great company for him during Lockdown and he loves nature and really enjoyed making sounds and rhythms outdoors on our walks in nearby walks. 


Veronika is a secret poet who enjoys singing, specially with others in large groups. 

We are Ju, Han and George.  We don't play instruments, but love music for play.  We are avid listeners and music is part of everyday life for us with Hans vinyl collection playing loud!  We love a festival and a hand in the air dance, and have enjoyed collecting sounds and rhythms for this creative project. 

and The Film 


My name is Kieran, I record and perform under the names 'kid Jam' and 'Surrealiac', making live-looped folk-tronica and singing songs to guitar.  I believe that music was formed at the creation of the universe and is in the air around us, ready to be grabbed and given body by those of us that try!   

This project by Unite the Beat has been an important marker of our time during the current epidemic, and I look forward to hearing what comes next.


A professional ecologist, Haydn relished the opportunity to collide his rusty musical talents with lockdown-inspired enthusiasm and a bit of inspiration from the natural world to contribute to this fabulous project!

Alongside the featured film above, the work is available in 3 audio parts (each reflecting on a different element) and as a full length audio track (of the film).  If you are interesated in archiving these findings or helping us to share them, we would love to hear from you.  Radio, Magazines, Online news, help us get our musical reflection out there.  It may be quite cathartic for people to witness through the arts some of the ups and downs we have all been through in the last year. 

                                                                      unitethebeat@gmail.com 07881977377

Lock down Part 1
Lock down Part 2
Lock down full audiomentary! (11 min audio)
Lock down Part 3
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A huge thank you to the support of our funders.  It has been invaluable in allowing our organisation to stay afloat and offered us precious opportunity to artistically reflect on the unique experiences we have all been through.  Our vision was to use music to bring together a diverse group from the rural communities around us to unpick what is has been like to live through Corona Virus.  I guess, slightly naively, we all imagined it might be behind us now but as you all know, at this point, November 2020, we are in a second wave and national lockdown 2.  We hope this film will serve as a record for future generations to have some insight into what it was like.  It will be shared widely and hopefully saved in local archives.