• Unite the Beat

Want to know how to turn your garden into an orchestra?

We are always working to better our craft, experimenting with what we can find and honing our music making skills.  This piece of music was made using the inspiration of our garden.  It was amazing to see the range of sounds we could make.  From the almost gong affect of hitting the inside of the barbecue lid, to splashing about in the bird bath, the sky was the limit.  We then used the sounds collected to fashion a rudimentary loop on which to 'jam'.  For those not familiar with the music scene, this is basically a bit of a freestyle session when the loop is playing and you contribute whatever it makes you feel like adding.  For me this was the haunting lyrics and vocal melodies.  

Lastly, it was sundown and we thought that it fit the scene of the birds swooping by at sundown. 

We hope you enjoy and that it makes you curious about the environment around you and how you could engage with it in a different way.  Getting outside is good for you.  Music is a doorway to your subconscious.   Topics for another day methinks

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