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This calls for roaring.

two friends embrace, sea water trickling down their faces, the sea and pebble beach in the background
Bursting with energy after our January sea swim.

This calls for roaring. Not squealing or girlish whimpers, but all out roaring and shouting. I can’t feel my legs and I am deep breathing, breath out, remember to keep breathing out, arms flapping, avoiding creeping any deeper. I am sea swimming, in Brighton, in January, in 9 degrees Celsius!

It is much much colder than I thought it would be and I only managed 3 minutes! But I ran out of that beautiful sea feeling more alive than I have in a long time. Bursting with vitality from the inside out. In fact I quite wanted to run back in!

It turns out there is myriad of benefits to this icy dip, from increased metabolism and endorphin boosts to general improved mental health. Our favourite is that

as all seas are outside, you get the added benefit of time in nature!

Now, wrapped up warm and snuggling a hot water bottle, I am wondering what unleashed the inner mermaid in me and prompted this new adventure. I am no stranger to trying things that are out of my comfort zone. From singing on stage with band Fresh School Buddha to learning to run again, I have discipline and determination to spare. Indeed my name means ‘industrious, hard working and striving’, but what caused this unexpected Tuesday adventure?

On reflection I think it was the chance to connect with others, to get outside and do to something just for the moment. I was not signing up to a yearlong sea swimming programme, rather just for today, just for that moment, I wanted to see what it felt like and if I could do it. How cold is that huge mass of water at this time of year? Can my body manage it? What will it feel like? How will I feel after?!

Well I can tell you. It was very cold and I feel hugely chuffed, a mini and successful survival experiment, which I will definitely do again.

Why not challenge yourself to something tricky, but ultimately doable. We would love to hear what it is so share your adventures in the comments.

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