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How to create Stop Motion Films

Updated: May 15, 2020

So, Corona Virus. For those of us who are truly blessed not to have been touched too closely by it, it may still be fuelling a mix of nightmare filled nights and cooped up days? Or conversely, maybe a real sense of calm and liberation at all the things you no longer have to rush around to do? Most likely you are experiencing a mix of both.

As you can tell from our previous blogs, a real key to our making the most of this time has been learning new skills and whilst we are passionate about all things outdoors, we are not averse to embracing technology. Indeed, technology has been key for many of us over the past months as we grapple to reimagine our lives and maintain those all important relationships.

Whilst sitting about rubbing our chins and pondering the next blast of immersive fun, we were reminded about the joys of stop motion films from a Morris dancing friend who lives around the corner. In order to connect on May day this year, rather than dancing the sun in on May Hill, Tom Brown of the Lassington Oak Morris Men, created this rather magical little skit. I have been informed it is a very accurate rendition of the dance and that those tiny little chaps were made as the spitting image of the sides key players.

How on earth he happened to have just the right hairy little lego faces we will never know!!! Anyway, essentially we wanted to inspire all of you to have a go. Whilst it can be hugely time consuming, it is also a space for unbridled imagination and a great way to either create alone or play with others you are in Lockdown with. You could even do sections of a story with others in your family/community.

We were going to create a manual for your ourselves but then found this very comprehensive guide from Rob at Science Filmmaking Tips.

If I'm honest, although it really covers all the bases and I LOVED all of the examples, I did also find it a bit intimidating. We shared it so that you can avoid some of the pitfalls and for anyone who has already dabbled and might want to step up their production skills. However, please don't be shy just to thrash straight on in there! We created one a few years ago to act as a music video and hadn't considered or addressed anything to do with lighting or the little movements Rob points out caused by touching the camera. We still absolutely ADORED our mini movie and made the glitches part of the charm of it (we hope you agree!). So wade in dear readers. Either top notch all bells and whistles, or totally old school with jerks and shadows but go for it. Lockdown is definitely stop motion time.

As always, if reading this has inspired you to create, we would love to hear about it. Please do share them with us on our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram @unitethebeat

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