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At Unite the Beat, music is key and we love to celebrate it in every possible form!


We have been racking our brains trying to work out what we can meaningfully do to connect with our community during lockdown.  Introducing Unite the Beat Radio!!!  We will have playlists, live sets, guest DJ's and most importantly, you can tune in weekly on a THURSDAY between 6-8 when we will be taking requests from the Unite the Beat community.  Call in and share a magical memory, get your track played and then enjoy a collective clap at 8 when we thank all of those keeping the country running.  Number to call 07376917707


the Beat


A huge thank you to the Fastershare Keeping Connected Grant Scheme that has allowed to buy the necessary kit.

as from 24th Jul 2020, we won't be broadcasting live till further notice

Over the past 2 years we have engaged in music in every imaginable way.  Here are just some examples of how we have celebrated this magical artform:


We have had intergenerational groups out in nature foraging for sounds. 

Worked with isolated elders using music to promote reminiscence. 

We, alongside our network of global volunteers, are sharing regular nature soundscapes during Covid 19 lockdown to promote access and good mental health.  Go to our facebook page to tune in and kick back for some cortisol reduction! 


We have just launched a weekly radio show allowing our rural community space and time to connect through music, and when we make it through this global pandemic, we hope to be a part of a music festival in Brighton and a conference exploring nature connectedness at Derby University. 

Lastly, we have composed whole pieces of music from foraged sounds and samples.  These have primarily been made with the vulnerable groups with whom we work but include our contributions.  You can listen to some examples on our Soundcloud here.


Dancing trees