Team Building, Digital Content Creation, Fusion of both... 

Looking for some unique content around a product, campaign or company?  Want to make it truly speak for you and your workforce?  We are here to make all of that happen.  We can combine a team building experience with a content development plan, crafting a unique video to meet your needs.  In practice this would entail us running a sound immersion / foraging workshop for you and your team, gathering additional relevant footage and then fusing it all together in a truly innovative video for use in your digital marketing campaigns.   


We can come to your office and turn it into a space of innovation and curiosity as your staff forage for and uncover hidden sounds.  Alternatively, we can arrange an offsite away day where we use sound to promote immersion in nature.  This brings the added benefits of spending time in the great outdoors.


We believe in using music to promote lateral thinking, curiosity and innovation.  We believe that immersing people in their environments through the medium of sound promotes stress reduction, connection with others and gives a sense of 'time out' from the challenges of life and work.  We are passionate about nature and where possible like to include the outdoors in our workshops.


If you think that this is a suitable format to reach your audiences and you have a meaningful story to tell about your business, get in touch.  We are particularly interested in organisations trying to promote behavioural change over the use of plastics and with a passion for environmental sustainability. 


Please enjoy our sample videos below which showcase a range of projects that we have been involved with.  The music has been written by us using samples recorded during our workshops.  If you would like to discuss a workshop please email us or call on 07881977377.


This video was commissioned by Brighton Permaculture Trust to showcase their volunteer project. The project involved running our Ultimate Sound Forager workshop with existing volunteers and then using the footage and sounds to create a promotional video.  We are confident that this is an innovative and unique method for creating content and that it will fulfil its mandate of attracting volunteers to the Trust. 


This is a video that we have created to promote behavioural change around plastic use.  The video showcases our methodology, creating innovative content through sound.  We aim to use this technique to showcase ethical products, technology and to inspire behavioural change.  We can also work with groups of people in creating the content, perfect for a unique team building / away day. 

Valentines: show your beach some love, is a project we undertook to highlight the plight of Brighton and Hove's beaches.  The alarming increase in plastic waste over the past 10 years has had a global impact and we wanted to work with our local community to highlight the problem and promote projects seeking to address the issue.  Pier 2 Pier beach clean, part of the Streets Ahead campaign run by Brighton and Hove Council, have been organising monthly community beach cleans and for this event they teamed up with Environmental Artists Irene Soler and Hush Beats Silent Disco.  We attended to run some fun musical rubbish activities and the result is this multidisciplinary art experience.

This is an example of how to we can create unique content for your digital marketing streams.  We first saw this company on Dragon's Den and have become huge fans of their Easy Mix Brownie Recipe.  Here we use music to bring a unique twist to a recipe video showcasing both the ease of making it and it's unique selling point: Organic, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Nut Free and No Refined Sugar.  Let us know what you think of the video in the comments section on youtube.