Promoting community through Music & Nature

What we do:

We are a Community Group that use music to promote community, connection and curiosity.  We are passionate about tackling social isolation, discrimination and exclusion and work with a number of partners in the United Kingdom to affect positive transformation.  

Over the past 3 years we have engaged in music and nature in every imaginable way.  


We have had intergenerational groups out in nature foraging for sounds, worked with isolated elders using music to promote reminiscence, engaged groups of adults and children with disabilities in the great out doors through The National Trust and worked at University conferences, educating on how to use the arts for mental health. 


Alongside our network of global volunteers, we shared regular nature soundscapes during Covid 19 lockdown to promote access and good mental health.  Go to our facebook page to tune in and kick back for some cortisol reduction! 


We launched a weekly radio show allowing our rural community space and time to connect through music, and will soon be training a diverse group from our local area how to take to the air waves themselves.  Go to our Radio page to keep an eye on this. They have some amazing ideas. 


when we make it through this global pandemic, we hope to be a part of a music festival in Brighton and a conference exploring nature connectedness at Derby University. 

Lastly, we have composed whole pieces of music from foraged sounds and samples.  These have primarily been made with the vulnerable groups with whom we work but include our contributions.  You can listen to some examples on our Soundcloud here.

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“Brilliant being in community with children.  Company, safe together in nature doing unusual and creative activities.“
Community Project Participant
“It was so much fun to get out of the office and spend some time out in nature, using your senses in a way you don’t usually get to do and working together to create sound. It’s team building with a difference!” 
Events Manager Brighton and Hove Chamber: team building & conference work
“Unite the beat provided an inspiring week of family-friendly workshops as part of our summer programme. Unite the beat offer a unique way for people to connect with nature through sound. The experience they offered was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone who took part.  Emily and Malik were a delight to work with.“
Wakehurst Events Team: immersion in nature workshop for public visitors 
Malik Tokwe, Co-Founder, Producer
Malik has been making music since he was 14, though it has been part of his family since long before he was born.  
Whilst he started with spoken word and rap, he soon developed a passion for sampling (reusing sections of
recorded music), as it allowed him and his community access to instrumental melodies for their music.  He brings his
wealth of experience to the project and will fuse the sounds made into a cohesive track that you can be proud of. 
Emily Robertson, Co-Founder
Emily is an associate lecturer at Derby University in Creative Expressive Arts and Health, and has a Masters
in Social Work.   She has experience facilitating groups around the world, including working with previously trafficked women
and girls in South Africa, Vietnamese School Children and Non-Government Organisations in multiple countries.  More
recently, she has been developing her own identity as a musician, experimenting with songwriting and performing. 
Together they have facilitated flash mobs, won competitions for innovative art installations and have travelled the world.  They bring a unique fusion of cultures to their work which will allow you to benefit from their diverse musical heritage.  They are in the band Fresh School Buddha which gives a sense of their musical preferences and fusion of creative styles.   Their music is widely available on sites such as iTunes.  You can check them out here.
cofounder of unite the beat
cofouner of unite the beat

'Spending time in nature has been shown to lower levels of stress'

                  Judith Heerwagon, 

                           Environmental Scientist

                                                      Huff Post

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